ASBIS launches a new brand in September 2022 - Topdevice.

Topdevice is a regularly updated range of the most popular consumer electronics. Including an assortment of children's tablets, power stations 300, 500, 1000 W, solar panels, portable vacuum cleaners and digital compressors, smart TVs of large diagonals.

The Topdevice team consists of players who are great at collecting on the market and launching new products that are in line with current trends.
Own office in China and Q&A team allow us to maintain a high level of quality at an affordable price. All devices are certified and repeatedly passed quality control from the factory to the store.

The Topdevice brand will be represented in more than 28 countries in the categories: TVs, Android Tablets, Car Accessories, Power Plants and Solar Panels, Power Supplies and Charging Stations.

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